For about 70 years since its founding in 1948, we have supported the management of companies large and small in hopes of success as a consulting agency. Our support philosophy is to create "a strong, good, and rewarding company" based on "center". Without this philosophy, the company cannot survive. The money to speed up the "Strength" will be used to raise funds through government measures, while the realization of "goodness" will contribute to society. In order to realize "hard work", we support each employee so that he or she can work with satisfaction while steering the workplace and his or her own life, focusing on returning to work after childcare leave.

 Also, because it is difficult to foresee the future in the era of VUCA (Bouka) *, solidarity and cooperation with companies and organizations with the same aspirations are required. We will contribute to the growth and development of our customers based on the trust we have built up over our long history.


 *VUCA — Volatility (variability), Uncertainty (uncertainty), Complexity (Complexity), Ambiguity (opacity)

Financing support (Subsidies and Financing)

 As a "Support organizations for business innovation, etc.", we support fund procurement through subsidies and loans utilizing government measures.

 To be "strong company" you need to minimize the impact of environmental changes. To do this,

(1)Pioneering changes in the business environment and entering a growth path

(2)low cost operation

(3)Development and operation are carried out in a balanced manner for the growth of markets, customers, products, technologies, etc.

is desirable. We look forward to working with our company to help you achieve these goals.


Support for return to work after childcare leave

 To be a "rewarding workplace" we aim to lead a life in which each and every worker can take the reins of his or her own life by reducing turnover and improving productivity. Now that the values of working people have plunged into a decline in population, they are diversifying. In particular, the child-rearing generation is struggling between existing values and new ones.

 Under these circumstances, it is quite difficult to return from the reduced working hour system to the normal working hour system, and there are still many problems, such as falling into a "Mametrack", being told that you are not involved in the system, and retiring. We will focus on supporting the return to work of fathers and mothers who are in urgent need of reform after childcare leave.  

Efforts for SDGs

Based on its management philosophy of "human oriented" our company is committed to "5. Realize Gender Equality" and "8. Job satisfaction and economic growth" of "Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs *)" through the support of "Building a strong, good, and rewarding company" to which it is involved. In addition, the "BPW International", which is a member of the BPW Tokyo (Business and Professional Women's Club of Tokyo) umbrella organization "Certified NPO Japan BPW Federation", is an NGO that is qualified for comprehensive consultation as an advisory body to the UN Economic and Social Council, which adopted the SDGs.


*SDGs : The SDGs are the international targets for 2016 – 2030 set out in the "2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development" adopted at the UN Summit in September 2015. Consists of 17 goals and 169 targets for a sustainable world