WATANABE Eiko (Adviser)

He graduated from Waseda University.

Former deputy editor of Kappa Books, Kobunsha. When he was the vice editor in chief, he was in charge of MATSUMOTO Seicho and created coined terms such as "my car" and was active as a hit maker. He joined our company Corporation in 1964. Conduct practical research on the causes of corporate decline and development, and support management improvement and business reform.

With the motto of "human oriented management" he worked on the management of small and medium-sized enterprises and the creation of the most important system when they develop from small and medium-sized enterprises to large and medium-sized enterprises.

He has written 37 books, including those written by Nikkei Inc., the Japan Management Rationalization Association and the Korean edition.


<Support organizations for business innovation, etc., and state-qualified career consultants> (Support for fund procurement and return to work after childcare leave)


He graduated from Aoyama Gakuin University, Faculty of Business Administration. After joining an employment information company as a new graduate, he moved to a company research institute. After serving as secretary, general manager of personnel affairs, accounting manager, and manager of a study group for different industries, he became representative in 2014.

Utilizing government measures to support the financing of start-up and new businesses by taking advantage of clients' strengths. There has been a record of approval for a business plan that seems unprecedented. We also support employees returning to work after childcare leave.

Former auditor of the Japan Association of Corporate Auditors. BPW Tokyo accounting results. He received a special award for his thesis "Urgent SME Work-Life Balance" (Japan Institute of Management Surveyors).


Completed the training course of Japan Productivity Center and registered as a career consultant in 2013.

All Japan Management Federation Master Management Consultant (J-MCMC 26025)

KITANO Takashi

<Business innovation support organizations and small and medium enterprise management consultants> (Support for capital investment financing)


Coordinator for Chiba Prefecture Yorozu Support Base. Representative of "cross-creative laboratory". Master of Business Administration (MBA). Achievement as coordinator of Chiba City Industrial Promotion Foundation. Since the start of the Monozukuri Subsidy Program, the company has provided support for applications of various sizes and industries by simply interpreting complex application conditions. In addition to the monodzukuri subsidies, it has also led to successful fundraising with an eye-popping perspective.


*Yorozu Support Base :  A management consultation center established by the national government

FUKUE Makoto

<small and medium enterprise management consultant> (Guidance on food management, training of sushi chefs, and support for business opening)


He graduated from Kanazawa University Law School. After working for a major accounting systems company, he joined the Corporate Business Research Institute. He has gained experience in consulting by producing restaurants and providing guidance for increasing the number of restaurants, and is now working as a representative of "Tokyo Sushi Academy" to open stores overseas. It supports the training of sushi chefs and the opening of Japanese restaurants overseas. He has appeared in many magazines, TV programs and radio programs, including "Nikkei Business" and "Dawn of Gaia".

[Books] "Chapter 20 sushi magazines" (Asahiya Publishing), 1997; "restaurant management" (commercial industry), October 1997 and October 1998; (Co-Authored by Seikei Kenkyusho) "Manuals for the President and Directors"; and other research papers


<small and medium enterprise management consultant> (employment regulations and wage regulations)


He graduated from Tokyo Denki University. After working for a software company, he joined a company operations research institute. Representative of "Westerlier Management". Worked as a partner consultant at the Corporate Business Research Institute, creating business manuals, regulations, and establishing a wage system. He gave lectures at financial institutions and think tanks affiliated with newspaper companies, and published many books from the PHP Institute's Chukei Publishing Co., Ltd. Chief Examiner for the Business Career Certification Test.


<Business innovation support organizations and small and medium enterprise management consultants> (Improving productivity and management)


He graduated from Keio University Faculty of Engineering. While working for a major manufacturer, he provided technical guidance for production in Singapore and Dubai, established an R&D center in Shanghai and served as the center's director. Since 2011, he has been the representative director of Hamatek Art Co., Ltd. As a business innovation support agency, he is good at comprehensive reform of manufacturing companies, and has a lot of achievements as a professional who knows the field from large enterprises to small and medium enterprises. It has made significant contributions to new product development, market development, inventory reduction, productivity improvement, and business revitalization, including projects requested through chambers of commerce and industry, financial institutions, and revitalization support councils. While having a track record as a Monodzukuri subsidy examiner, in 2018 he was involved in supporting the application of monodzukuri subsidy for about 40 companies. At the request of local governments such as Hyogo Prefecture and Iwate Prefecture, they travel all over Japan as training instructors on the theme of IOT of small business establishments.


<social insurance and labor consultant> (Subsidies, social insurance and pensions)

SAITO Hiroshi

<lawyer> (general legal affairs)

SHIOMI Satoshi

<tax accountant> (Real Estate Strategy Consultant, Business Succession and Management Strategy)

KURODA Hiroshi

(Business innovation support organizations, IT, business planning, and manufacturing subsidy auditor performance)