Financing support (Subsidies and Financing)

We provide support for the procurement of funds that can be provided by small and medium-sized enterprise management innovation support organizations certified by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry. Clients include Tokyo Governor's Special Award winners for the Promotion of Women's Empowerment, former television producer, courageous management grand prize winners, global competition winners, and 100 venture companies. Clients range from startups founded by MIT graduates to the 3rd generation of managers in a wide variety of backgrounds, scales, industries, and categories. At the same time, we are also involved in supporting companies that are struggling to maintain their liabilities in excess of assets or to continue their business after closing down. The method of support is to confirm the "health condition" of each company, to strengthen the good points, and to point out the problems that may hinder growth, and to guide management to fund raising.



We support the provision of loans from the Japan Finance Corporation and the provision of institutional loans with preferential interest rates. In the "business innovation plan" (legal recognition) accompanying the loan application, the company contributed to the approval as a very rare and unprecedented case of blockchain business. There are various forms of corporation such as joint-stock companies, limited liability companies, sole proprietors and general incorporated associations. The industries are investment, education, apparel manufacturing, welfare and nursing care (Employment support facility type B), forestry, and many others.


Support for public subsidies from the national and prefectural governments (Manufacturing subsidies, etc.). As an organization accredited by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry, we will point out management issues that have not been noticed by client companies, mainly consultants who have been handling the increasingly complicated subsidy system since the introduction of the system, especially the manufacturing subsidy. It has been selected as a 'Support for acquiring markets for regional use Support for development of new products and services' subsidy provider, which is very rare for a minor consulting firm, and has provided subsidies to selected providers "Alcare Corporation", (Development, manufacture, sale, import and export of medical care, home healthcare, sports and self-care products), "Daishinjigyo Corporation", and (Eating and drinking, ramen). The types of business supported include translation, cosmetics sales, transportation, IT, investment, medical development and sales, restaurant, apparel sales, real estate, and events.