Support for return to work after childcare leave

As a nationally qualified career consultant and post-leave consultant (R), we will take part in the reform of working styles through interviews with the employees of the client company, and contribute to the creation of a rewarding work environment and improvement of productivity.

We examine the "health condition" of the client company, point out the good points, and propose solutions to problems that might hinder the growth.

By solving problems based on interviews, we have found that the amount of added value per employee per month has increased, overtime work has been reduced compared to the same month of the previous year, and there have been cases in which mental problems have been identified. We also have interview records with non-Japanese employees from China, Malaysia, the Philippines, Korea, etc.

According to a national survey, 70% of regular employees continue to work after childbirth, but even after returning to work, there are cases in which they are unable to demonstrate their abilities, such as retiring, falling into Mammy Trak *, or not being able to return to regular work from reduced working hours.



*Mametrack :  A phenomenon in which working mothers lose the sense of fulfillment in their work after returning to work, or become less likely to be promoted or promoted

Career Consulting

If your company does not have a reception room, you can also visit our office so that you do not have to worry about work. We have also produced job cards as a requirement for receiving grants (In 2017, issued to about 150 people at dozens of companies).

The industry sectors include medical and welfare, transportation, education and learning support, translation, software, sales and wholesale.


This system allows employees to visualize their anxiety during childcare leave and supports their smooth return to work. It will be more effective by conducting training for parents. Not only participants but also organizers "My eyes were wide open." "I should have taken it when I was the first child." "Many concrete steps have been taken to relieve anxiety." "I wanted to tell my partner." It has been well received. It has been held in Sayama City, Kawasaki City and other municipalities in Saitama Prefecture, and we also accept corporate training.