Current status of the parties concerned

Noriko Terunuma, President of Linoz Corporationicon'Tokyo Global Competition Venture Technology Special Award'You received the double prize of 'Governor's Special Award for the Promotion of Women's Activities'.  (2019.11)


President Marumiya Hideki Sato has created a cut salad using 100% vegetables grown in Okayama Prefecture. and Sunny Country Salad (98 yen excluding tax). The packaging is on the plate. (2019.11) 

Publication in the media

(promotional meeting) "Press Phone Book 2019"


(2014.11) "Leaders Style, a site for the next generation of leaders to learn from cool adults"

Lectures and Training

Lecture on the 2019 Working Continuation Support Project for the Gender Equality Center of Kawasaki City

(2019.12) "Returning to work seminar and cafe for mothers and fathers on childcare leave"


Mr. Shiki Satellite Office Business Center (2019.10)

Vocational lecture for job seekers at Hello Work

- What is the pleasure of supporting career development?

  1.  Various scenes that can be useful as a career computer
  2.  Sharing the Benefits of Support (Example of Matsura Natsuhi)
  3.  Points of Attention in Carrying Out Calibration Control
  4.  Support for returning to work after childcare leave, which will become important in the future


 Lecture cosponsored by the Center for Gender Equality and the Center for Child Rearing in Sayama City, Saitama Prefecture (2019.9)

"Seminar to support parents returning to work after childcare leave"

 -Visualize your anxiety and prepare for your comeback! -

  - Support seminar for returning to childcare leave

  1.  How to communicate with the workplace
  2.  Balancing Work and Childcare
  3.  communication between husband and wife
  4.  future career


J: COM (Jupiter Telecom) (2019.4)

"Business etiquette training for new employees" Team participation (The Earl)

Independent "how to write business documents"


Targeted at the successor manager of Tonami Junior Chamber, Toyama Prefecture (2011.7)

"Work-Life Balance: New Management Philosophy Required for Building a Strong and Good Company"


Lecture for managers of gas station dealers (2010.3)

"Female managers and work-life balance"


Lecture sponsored by the Tochigi Federation of Societies of Commerce and Industry: "A Vibrant Business Begins with "Management Principles"" (About 100 female SME managers)

Publications, Publications, and Recommendations

(500 Letter MCEI "Hyakunin Hyakugo 2020") "Business Management and the Vibrant Movements of the Workforce's Barriers"


(Recommendations MCEI "Hyakunin Hyakugo 2015") "Please be careful about starting a business without first step."


Thesis "Urgent SMEs' work-life balance" (Japan Institute of Management Surveyors)


"Facilitation of employment and work-life balance education through collaboration among industry, academia, and technical colleges"

(Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology (FY 22) Central College Group)


"Utilizing Career Consultants in Cooperation with People's Lives"

(Recommendations MCEI "Hyakunin Hyakugo 2012")


"paper on corporate work-life balance"

(Encouragement certificate of "2008 60 National Management Convention" sponsored by All Japan Management Federation)


Co-authored booklet "Writing Easy Business Documents" (Seibunsha January 2008)


Co-authored booklet "Company events guide book" (Seibunsha, June 2007)


-"We can't give money or people to new businesses," he said. Overcoming the negative conditions of "do it after working hours" and making it a pillar of profits: Quick study case The second establishment is breaking the status quo! Seriously "continue" Management

(Magazine "modern small business" December 2006 issue)


"- The first teaching method and daily teaching method after employment - The essence of a part-time job "Recruitment, education and management" which is a fast-paced part-time job."

("modern small business" August 2006)



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